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Rules & Guidelines
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Rule 1: Your page must have something to do with yaoi and RPGs.
~What is yaoi?
~What is an RPG?
Rule 2: It must contain either yaoi fanart or fanfiction of a RPG.
Rule 3: You must have at least one yaoi fanart or fanfiction that is your own.
Rule 4: Plagarism is not allowed. Immediate deletion from the webring will result. Archives are fine as long as credit is given (and you have one or more of your own works too)
Rule 5: You MUST have a warning somewhere on your page before the not-so-innocent browser encounters the fics or art.

Got it? I'm pretty lenient about practically anything else but if you follow these ground rules (I might add/remove some later if the need arises) we'll get along.

After you submit your site to the queue and place the correct html to your page, I will check and then if it passes muster, your site will be added to the ring. IT MUST HAVE THE CODE ALREADY ON IT OR IT WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE RING.

Good? Okay, then continue:

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